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Hospital Stay

Need to cheer up someone in need? Then Greenworks is your source!

We offer arrangements designed to but not limited to:

  • Masculine Looking
  • Feminine Looking
  • Children
  • Contemporary
Suggestion: Always find out if there are any allergy issues before sending flowers.

Children's Arrangement, for a boy$85.00 - $105.00View Details
Children's Arrangement, for a girl$85.00 - $105.00View Details
Low and compact, for a lady$85.00 - $105.00View Details
Low and compact, for a man$85.00 - $105.00View Details
Hypoallergenic arrangement$85.00 - $105.00View Details
Orchid plant$85.00 - $125.00View Details
Garden of green plants$105.00 - $150.00View Details